Email Marketing Errors You Must Avoid

Marketing is an essential component to any successful business, but some small businesses fail to capitalize on all of the marketing tools available to increase profits. Email marketing programs for small business is a simple way to build your customer relationships without making a huge investment.

So how should you craft your email marketing campaigns this festive season – and beyond?  Here are five classic email marketing errors that you must avoid if your small business email marketing solutionsemail shoot isn’t to turn into a damp squib.

1. A lack of strategic thinking

Email marketing can be nimble and spontaneous, but you really need a solid strategy underpinning it if you are to get the results you desire.

2. Poor quality content

A sure-fire way to condemn your email campaign to the deleted folder is to provide poor quality content.

If your email doesn’t grab attention and provide something of value – with its core offer, insight or even humour – then people will quickly move on.

3. No consistency

Email marketing isn’t something you should dabble in when you’re in the mood and have the time. You need to be providing consistent, high-quality updates to your subscribers in order to establish your business in their minds.

4. Information overload

Naturally, you want to make your email look attractive, with lots of nice pictures and links. But don’t go overboard.

A simple email setting out exactly what you’re offering and why the recipient should take action in a clear, uncomplicated way is far more likely to work than a cluttered, gaudy missive that is hard to digest.

Not only that, but over-sized files can be tricky for people to access.  Don’t take the risk.

5. Getting the basics wrong

If writing isn’t your strong point, get someone skilled in this area to create the emails content for you. central coast small business marketing tips

At the very least, have another set of eyes look over the copy before you press the ‘send’ button. Careless mistakes and garbled syntax will make your business look amateurish and will turn off consumers.

You need a strong understanding of e-mail marketing to do it effectively. Top notch marketing plans are essential for every small business owner. Email marketing is a great way to communicate with customers and can add to your base of customers.

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