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Facebook New Ad Measurement Tool

Facebook has launched a new conversion measurement optimization system for direct response marketers to help them measure the ROI of their Facebook Ads. It measures user’s relevant actions that are driven by people seeing advertisements on Facebook. The relevant actions include; like registrations, shopping cart checkouts.

Uniquely the system can be used with all Facebook ads and sponsored stories and also can be used in combination with any targeting.

The conversion tool is specifically designed for direct response marketers -such as online retailers and travel websites and many such which advertise with the goal of pumps up immediate sales rather than for longer-term brand building.

Facebook rolls out ads measurement system

According to Facebook, the new system allows advertisers to measure the ROI of their advertisements by counting relevant user actions that are driven by people seeing advertisements on Facebook.  “Relevant user actions” include registrations and shopping cart checkouts.Facebook marketing ideas

Marketers can now also use optimised CPM (cost per mille/impression) to deliver advertisements to people who are most likely to convert on their websites.

Optimised CPM allows an advertiser to prioritise their marketing goals, and then automatically delivers advertisements against those goals in the most effective way possible.

“Beta tests have shows that when conversion measurement is used with optimised CPM, ads reduced the cost per conversion by 40% when compared to CPC [cost per click] ads using the same budget,” Facebook wrote in a blog.

“This means that marketers who are interested in using Facebook ads and sponsored stories to drive specific actions on their websites can now use conversion measurement both to understand the ROI of their ad spend and to improve that ROI on future campaigns.”

Facebook said this should be “extremely valuable” for marketers in eCommerce, retail, travel, financial services and other direct-response industries that value actions taken on their websites.

Tips on setting up your Facebook page

Use lots of great content when you are setting up your Facebook page.  There is nothing worse for a consumer than going to a business page you are interested in and finding almost no useful information.  Take the time to answer any questions they may have ahead of time with the content you put on your page.Use lots of great content when you are setting up your Facebook page.

Ask people to “LIKE” your Facebook page everywhere. Ask on your Facebook page, on your website, in any advertising, and in your brick and mortar stores. The more individuals “LIKE” your page, the more they will spread information about your brand. This is a great way to increase business as well as your SEO rankings.

Participate in your Facebook profile. Take notice when someone asks you a question about your company or posts a comment. Answer questions or concerns promptly and engage in conversations with people posting on your profile. This helps customers and friends feel that you take the extra time and care about your company.

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