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How Pinterest Can Help Your Business

When you think of social media marketing, your mind probably goes straight to sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, Pinterest is quickly making its mark on the social media scene, and it could also be a great way to generate more interest in your business.  However, there are some things that you need to consider if you intend to work with Pinterest.

Pinterest is all about pictures; users “pin” visual images of things that they like or find interesting. Therefore, it is important to be conscious of the size of the images that you are pinning. Never include a picture that is longer than 5000 pixels.

If your image is very big, the button that allows a user to “repin” it may disappear from view while the individual is scrolling down to see the entire image.Pinterest for small business

Many Internet users are in a hurry and simply won’t take the time to backtrack and go back up to click on the button. Therefore, try to make the picture large enough that it will catch a user’s eye but not so big that it takes over the entire screen.

You want the user to click on the picture because they will then be directed to your site, increasing your traffic and possibly helping you get a new customer in the process.

Your business might already be there

You might not be using Pinterest for your business yet, but did you know your content might already be there?

Find out whether your content is already being shared by using this simple trick.  In the address bar of your browser, type in: pinterest.com/source/YourBusiness.com.au (where you’re replacing “YourBusiness.com.au” with the address of your website – minus any www’s.)

You might be shocked at what you find! Any image that’s on your website that has been pinned will turn up, showing you exactly which pieces of content are already popular and who has been sharing them.

Tips on marketing your business on Pinterest

Before you use Pinterest to market your business, definitely watch this first! This is an introductory video to the hot social network and virtual pin-board site that’s quickly sweeping the globe.

[cleveryoutube video=”r0RnPIDPiHU” style=”2″]

Links! Links! Links!

Any good web strategist will tell you, one of the best things you can do to help build your website’s reputation and search engine rank is to get other, quality websites to link back to your site.

One of the most important parts of Pinterest is that every “pin” that someone shares counts as an additional link back to the original source.

Most people are on Pinterest during the day

Activity levels spike both in the morning and in the early evening, just before users head off to work and school and just after they get back home again. Therefore, strategically plan when you are going to pin items.

Pinterest business marketingYou want as many people as possible to see them, so try to pin when the largest number of people will be online.

If you aren’t sure when your followers are accessing the site, simply experiment a little with your pins. Post in the morning, in the mid-afternoon, and in the evening, and then see which of your pins is the most popular.

Remember that Pinterest users do not just want to see pictures of your products. They want unique and interesting ideas; for example, recipes are popular, as are craft ideas. Before you pin something, think about whether or not it provides any benefit to your followers.

Also, make sure that it has something to do with your niche; you want people to be interested in your site as a result of your pins.

It is fine to pin other people’s content, too.  If you find something great, share it.  You may get new followers that way, because users will generally investigate a pinner’s boards after they find something that is really interesting to them.

Pinterest should not be overlooked when it comes to social media marketing. It is getting more and more popular each day, and its visual format allows businesses to showcase their creativity to millions of users.


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