Using RSS Feeds To Market Your Website

For those of you who’ve been online for a while now you will find that just about every single website you visit will have a link to their RSS feed.

You are going to come to recognize that this approach, with regards to marketing and advertising your website is something that can be extremely powerful.

If you are one of the few internet marketer’s that aren’t yet taking advantage of this marketing and advertising technique you’re going to find that you’re really missing out.

As you continue to read this article you will discover why this is such an important part of your internet advertising and marketing efforts.

can i make an rss feedOne of the main reasons you need to be using RSS feeds is because people can sign up to get your RSS feed and they are going to be informed when you add new content to your site. Because of this you’re going to discover that this is an effortless technique to get people to come back to your site.

When you post new content, the individuals who subscribed to your RSS feed will be notified instantly, and if they want to look into the content you added they have to go to your internet site to see it.

Mainly because this is an effortless method to get people to come back to your site with no extra work, this is a very powerful method.

Are RSS feeds good for SEO?

In order to get even more visitors you can take your feed and submit it to all of the different feed directories on the web. Meaning that the search engines will be able to find your content quickly, and this will additionally help get you better search engine rankings as you will be building back-links on auto-pilot.

Essentially this works the same as your subscribers as the feed in the directories will be updated automatically, building you website links instantly to your new content. These types of back-links will in addition help you to get far better ranking in the search engine results pages.

One other thing you are going to find is that other people who have internet sites in your niche may take your RSS feed and place it on their internet site as a way to get fresh content for their site.

Now when other individuals do something like this, they’re actually helping you to create back-links mainly because the title of the post will point back to your site. This will not only help your search engine ranking even more, but you may possibly wind up generating traffic from the sites that are using your RSS feed, as their visitors will have the ability to click the back-links to go to your website from the other site.

For those of you who have not yet begun using RSS feeds as a method to market your website you ought to begin using them now. The good thing about using RSS feeds is that once they are set up, you do not need to do anything whatsoever as they’re updated automatically.

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