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Wyong Council Makes It Easier To Do Business With Council!

Wyong Shire Council’s new Director of Development and Building would like to streamline the development application process, and make it easier for businesses and the general community to do business with Council.

Lin Armstrong, who started in her role this week after spending the past 17 years as Manager of Planning services with the Stevens Group, said one of her goals was making Wyong Shire Council a model for other LGA’s in how to do business.

“There are some great challenges ahead that I’m really looking forward to,” Ms Armstrong said.

“But, ultimately, I would like to put in place a system that reflects streamlining of the planning process that benefits everybody.

Wyong Council Easier to do business with“The mums and dads who are putting in development and building applications are every bit as important as the multi-million dollar businesses that we want to invest in the Shire.

“It’s my job to work with the direction of Council to put processes in place and get the message out we are open for business and we have a desire to attract business and investment to Wyong Shire to create the jobs locally that this area needs.

“There are a lot of technical terms and jargon when it comes to planning, but if we can help people understand the process a lot more, and present things to them in simple terms, that will go a long way towards assisting people.”

Ms Armstrong said some of the planning reforms being considered by the State Government will open the door to streamline the development application and rezoning processes.

“I have been involved with Local Government both as an employee in the past, and dealing with Local Government’s all over the state during my role with the Stevens Group,” Ms Armstrong said.

“I know the hurdles faced from both a private investment perspective, and a Local Government perspective. There are constraints on both sides.

“Whilst we have to work in accordance with the legislation, the processes don’t have to be difficult.




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