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Wyong Council To Brief Business Groups

All ratepayers in Wyong Shire will receive an eight page information brochure with their quarterly rates notice on 21 January 2013. Ratepayers who have paid their rates in advance will also get a copy of the brochure mailed directly to them.

This brochure will detail Council’s current financial position.

Wyong Council is facing the situation of managing more than $2.5 billion in ageing assets, as well as continuing to provide services the community has become accustomed to.

The cost to bring our assets (roads, drainage etc) up a satisfactory standard is $121 million. Some of our assets are deteriorating at a rate that means we have no way to maintain them without cutting off money to other services.wyong council

To get our assets up to an acceptable standard, it will impact on the services we can provide such as how often we can maintain our parks, how many sports fields are provided or the number of community buildings we can use to accommodate organisations who deliver programs to our community.

Council is asking for ratepayers to make a choice (from two) as to how we can make up this funding shortfall. Option 1 means Council rates will be maintained at their current rate but services will have to be reduced. Option 2 will see rates increases and assets maintained and improved.

How will it affect businesses?

If the public decide to proceed with Option 2 (increase rates) this will allow us to fund town centre improvement projects which will have a positive impact on local businesses. Option 1 means these projects will be put at risk.

Community Information Sessions

Wyong Council will be holding two Community Information Sessions allowing residents and business owners a chance to ask questions directly to staff.

Thursday 7 February – 7:30pm – Council Civic Centre, 2 Hely Street Wyong
Tuesday 12 February – 7:30pm – Halekulani Hall, 107 Scenic Road, Budgewoi


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